how do you cook with stainless steel pans

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Stainless steel is a shiny and a beautiful metal. These days you can find a number of good brands making stainless steel pots and pans in the market. They give out this shiny magnetic look that you would instantly get attracted to. Companies like T fal produce cookware made up of cast iron, stainless steel and ones which come with nonstick features. However before making a purchase make the right choice in terms of selecting the cookware which suits your need. In case you have decided to go for stainless steel cookware do read the nuwave cooktop reviews as well as user reviews about pans and pots made of stainless steel by different companies. These reviews will give you the valuable insight so as to how to cook in these cookware and how to maintain them.

In general, stainless steel is a bad conductor of hear as compared to cast iron or any other. While purchasing a stainless steel pot look for a heat plate underneath the pan. The heat plate comprises of metals like aluminium or copper to ensure rounding up of heat to the other areas of your pot. Bottom of a stainless steel pot would get the maximum heat and may thus will burn your food before you know it.

However, the heat plate is not the only thing to look for. Many other good quality steel pots would have a layer of conductive metal wrapped all around it. There is a layer of stainless steel, a layer of aluminium wrap and then a layer of stainless steel around it. You can use any type of utensil with the stainless steel cookware. It’s not microwave proof yet it’s very good for refrigeration. Stainless steel cookware does not require seasoning after use.

However, if you want you stainless steel to exhibit non-stick characteristics for your cooking there is actually a way. Take your stainless steel pan and pre heat it for 2 to 3 minutes without putting anything on it. Once it heated enough you can pour in some oil and spread it smoothly around the pan. Let the pan cool down for a while and then use it. You can make an egg in this seasoned stainless steel pan without sticking it on the pans surface. Likewise you can cook you vegetables or any other item without too much oil or worrying about burning it.

Another problem with stainless steel pan after use is to wash that Greece and cooked crumbs that stick to the surface. You definitely would want to retain that shiny surface of your stainless steel pot. However, you would need to be a little careful if you want that smooth shiny look. Place the pan on the burner and pour some water in it and let the water boil. Then take a wooden spatula you can rub it against the surface of the pan while the water boils. This way you would be able to remove extra Greece and the sticky stains from the stainless steel pan. After you have finished scrapping it off pour the hot water out.

Be careful never to put you stainless steel cookware in the dishwasher or it may damage their surface. Then take some dishwashing detergent or liquid soap pour it in the pan directly or apply it to a piece of cloth. Work with the cloth and the detergent around the grain of your stainless steel pot and then rinse it clean. There you have it a nice clean shiny surface back again.